Valued Opinions Review: Can You Really Make Money From It?

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Taking paid surveys online is the easiest and one of the legitimate ways you can make extra income online with your spare time. However, it is quite difficult finding genuine paid surveys sites that actually pay. This is one of the reasons many people have lost interest in taking surveys online for money.

Most consumer-based companies rely on survey sites as well as other polling platforms to provide users’ feedback on their products. In return, the user gets rewarded with credits which can be redeemed as gift cards or as Visa Promocode.

Valued opinions is one of the best-paid survey sites that actually rewards panelist for their time and genuine opinion. Although, the site is not one of the get rich fast schemes out there but you’ll find it rewarding if you put in the required efforts. That is to say, your earning potential is dependent on the time amount of spare time you put in.

Also, you get rewarded instantly when you complete a survey, test a product, or refer friends. What’s more? The surveys are very entertaining and each can be up to $5.

Valued opinions’ frequency of sending out surveys coupled with the uniqueness of the surveys are one of the features that made the site stand out amongst its peers. The rewards can be redeemed to gift cards (Macy’s, Target,, etc).

Here comes the burning question: What really is Valued opinions and how does it operate?

What Is Valued Opinions?

Valued Opinions is a survey site where users get rewarded by taking surveys. The rewards ranges from gift cards to subscription e-code of top magazines. Also, you can decide to donate your earnings to a charitable cause such as UNICEF.

How Do I Join?

You can join Valued Opinions by signing up online at Next, click on the “Join now” button, fill in the form and submit your request. Cool right? It doesn’t take much time to become a member, and you can start taking up surveys once you’ve completed your profile.

Sadly, Valued Opinions is only available in over 20 different countries worldwide including the US, UK, New Zealand, and Canada, etc. Therefore, it is not open for those not residing in any of these countries.

How Are The Surveys Like? And The Rewards?

Generally, it can take up to 20 minutes to complete each survey. However, you’ll most likely not feel it because the surveys are very engaging and entertaining. You can get rewarded up to $5 per survey completed. Sometimes, you’ll receive survey invites via your email inquiring about your interest. However, you won’t be paid by taking up these kinds of surveys but it’ll certainly help Valued Opinion know what type of surveys to best serve you. Other than taking up surveys, there are other ways you can earn money on the platform. They include:

Product Testing

Occasionally, Valued Opinions sends you products to test. You test the product and sends your feedback. Most times you’ll get to keep the product you tested while other times you’ll only be paid for the work instead.

Refer Friends

You get rewarded when you get your friends sign up using through your link. You can add friends via email or share your link on social media platforms for maximum exposure.

Mini Tasks

Apart from completing surveys and referring friends, there are other ways you can earn credits on Valued Opinions such as performing mini-tasks. These mini tasks may involve you verifying some information, checking for errors amongst other things. Not only are these tasks rewarding, but they are also exciting as well. At first, when you start performing these tasks, the rewards can be quite discouraging but you’ll never know when you’ll rake up some massive points because these tasks are super short!

Sweepstakes entries

Often times, Valued Opinions offers monthly sweepstakes where members get to win exciting prizes.

Members can participate in sweepstakes using points earned. To participate, locate the sweepstakes area and choose the one that’s available. Be aware that entries into sweepstakes are a 50/50 chance where nothing is guaranteed. You may win exciting prizes or you may end up with absolutely nothing.

Currently, the list of rewards featured on Valued Opinions include:

  • Macy’s E-Gift Card
  • Gift Card
  • Chili’s 3-Choice Gift Card
  • Nike Digital Gift Card
  • Target eGift Card
  • eGift Card
  • e-code
  • Visa Promocode
  • e-voucher
  • Spa & Wellness eGift Card
  • Giftpax Multi-Brand Gift Card
  • CVS/pharmacy eGift Card
  • $10 UNICEF Donation
  • Rapid Rewards Points
  • $20 App Store & iTunes Gift Card

You’ll notice that rewards cannot be redeemed via PayPal or checks. This is a big blow for those looking to get cash as rewards. Thus, if that individual sounds like you then this site is not for you.

Other Features

Valued Opinions offer a special badge program where users are given badges based on their level of participation. The badges range from Bronze to Diamond, where Diamond is the highest level members can attain.

What Are Users Saying Concerning Valued Opinions?

Having 4/5 stars on TrustPilot says a lot about how users perceived Valued Opinions. However, they are some downsides on the platform too especially in the frequency of surveys served.

At first when you join, you’ll be receiving up to 6 surveys invites in a month. But that can quickly change particularly when Valued Opinions notices you’re not been truthful when answering the surveys you’re being served. This can quickly go for bad to worse and ultimately damage your ability to earn on the platform.

Meanwhile, other users have been complaining about the frequency at which they receive surveys on the platform, some members even stressed that they were sometimes not served surveys for some months.


How can I get more surveys on valued opinions? You can get more surveys by making sure you’re answering the surveys truthfully. Also, do make sure you complete all surveys sent to you. By doing this, you’re in a way telling Valued opinions that you’re a reliable member.

I can’t log in to valued opinions? If you’ve forgotten your login credentials, you can click on the forgot password link to have a password recovery link sent to your email.

Is Valued Opinions legit? Yes, Valued Opinions is 100% legit. You get paid by answering surveys as well as completing other tasks.

Where can I get the valued opinions android app? Currently, the app is not available both on Google Play store and App store. But you can download the apk online. I must warn you that always make sure you’re downloading the Apk from a genuine source.

My Verdict

There is no doubt that Valued Opinions has its ups and downs and I’ve tried my best to acknowledged all parameters when making this verdict. The fact that the site is only limited to certain countries is really a deal breaker. However, its still a viable way of earning something online. If your true goal is to earn some extra income online then I wouldn’t suggest you go for it. I’ve compiled a list of best-paying sites that you earn money from online here so do ensure you take a look at it. Valued Opinion is still OK if what you’re looking for is just to have some fun and in the process get rewards which you can redeem as gift cards of your favorite retail stores then you can opt-in for it. Other than that, Valued Opinion isn’t worth your time. Instead you can take a look at our post: 36 best paid survey sites to make cool money from in 2019

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