Quick Ways To Make HSN Credit Card Payment

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This article will show you the various ways you can make an HSN credit card payment. Just keep reading below!

Owning an HSN credit card is one of the ways you can enjoy all the benefits HSN have to offer which include: HSN TV, HSN2, HSN.COM, HSN Mobile or HSN Shop. At first, you get a $25 OFF a single item when you open an HSN card.

Other benefits of owning an HSN card include:

  • Access to 5 or more FLEXPAY on everything you purchase using your card
  • Exclusive access to top savings offers.

As a VIP cardmember, you’re are exempted from paying an annual fee on the card. Also, you get to enjoy extra perks such as ExtraFlex, VIP Financing, and VIP Easy Returns (i.e You can get up to $5 in Spendable Ka$h up to 6 times annually).

It is, therefore, necessary to pay off your credit on time to keep enjoying these perks otherwise you’ll be slapped with a late payment fee and additional interest on your account.

How Do I Pay My HSN Credit Card Bill?

You can pay your HSN Credit card bill online, by phone or by mail. Simply choose from the various methods of payment I’ve highlighted below to make your HSN Credit card payment today!

Since you’re here, you may also check out the Venmo card or Cash App card to see if they fit your personality better.

How To Make HSN Credit Card Payment Online

You’ll need to have both your checking account number and bank routing number handy before you can make payment online.

  • Simply visit www.hsn.com and click on the “Pay Your Bill” button to get started.
  • On the next page, click either the “Pay HSN Card” or “Pay HSN MasterCard” button to proceed.
  • Next, enter your User name and Password in the boxes provided and click on the “Sign In” button to access your account. If you’re a new member, click on the “Register For Online Access” link instead to create an account.
  • Finally, click on the “Pay Online” button and enter the amount as well as the details o the account you wish to draw the money from to make your payment.

While signed in to your account, you can perform other actions to manage your account such as view your account balance, set up alerts, set up recurring payments, view transaction history, etc.

Pay Your HSN Credit Card Bill By Phone

There are a variety of numbers HSN customers can use to pay their HSN credit card. Thus, as a customer, you’re advised to pick the number that is assigned to your credit card type.

  • Call 888-724-6649 to pay your HSN card
  • HSN MasterCard holders can call the HSN MasterCard phone number on 866-702-9947 to make their payment

To lay a complaint, settle a dispute, or make other inquiry, you can call HSN credit card customer service on 888-819-1918 to do so now.

How To Mail Your Payment

Since Comenity Capital Bank is the issuer of the HSN card, customers are therefore enjoined to send their payments to Comenity Bank via the address below:

Comenity Capital Bank
P.O. Box 659707
San Antonio, TX 78265

HSN Credit Card FAQS Section

This section contains answers to the frequently asked questions by current/prospective HSN Card holders.

What is the HSN Credit Card?

HSN card is a store card designated for use at HSN stores, and it’s affiliate stores for making purchases. HSN store cards are being issued by Comenity Capital Bank, and they come in two variants — HSN Card and the HSN Mastercard.

Does the HSN credit card increase credit?

Yes, you can use HSN credit card to improve your credit score given that you’re paying your minimum on time. This is possible because they report your activity to the major credit bureaus. Comenity Bank issues credit increment for deserving HSN cardholders at its sole discretion. Word of advice, always pay your credit balance in time to qualify for credit limit increment.

How do I apply for the HSN Card?

You can apply for the HSN credit card online by visiting www.hsn.com.

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