Netspend Activation: How To Activate Netspend Card

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Hey there! Are you wondering how to go about Netspend activation? I’m sure the answer is yes, if no, why would you be on this page then?

Generally speaking, all Netspend cards come with activation instructions attached to them but I understand most people would have torn theirs out of excitement or maybe they don’t just know it’s there.

OK, I’m getting serious now. You can activate Natspend card via two methods which are:

  • Online
  • By telephone

These two methods are both efficient and can be done with ease.

Perform Netspend Activation Online

You can activate your Netspend prepaid card online by visiting Next, locate and click on the “Activate card” icon at the top-right corner of the page to proceed. On the next page, enter your card number and security code in the spaces provided and click on the “Continue” button to activate your card.

Activate Netspend Card By Phone

You can also activate your Netspend card by phone. Simply call the Netspend card dedicated activation number on 1-866-387-7363 (1-86-NetSpend) and request that the Customer service representative activate your card.

Upon activating your card, you can begin making purchases with your card on the go.

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Activate Netspend Card Without SSN

You can actually activate a Netspend card without SSN but it’s only temporarily and it only applies to only non-US citizens. Of course, it’s well-known that non-citizens (Aliens as they’re officially called) can also get a Netspend card although they need to drop other forms of identification which could be in form of their driver license, passport, etc.

Other than this, I don’t think there is a way in which you can activate a Netspend card without SSN. Giving out your social security number is an integral part of the Netspend activation process because it allows for Netspend to confirm your identity to protect your account against unauthorized use or fraud.

Using Your Card

Below are some things you can do with your Netspend card once it has been activated:

  • Buy gas at gas stations
  • Hotel reservations
  • Pay bills & utilities
  • Draw cash at ATMs

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