Quick Ways To Pay Your PNC Credit Card Bill

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This article will show both new and existing PNC credit card holders how to pay off their credit card bill. Luckily, PNC have provided three methods by which cardholders can make their credit card payment. They include:

  • Online
  • By phone
  • By Mail

As a cardholder, you can use any of the above methods to make your PNC secured credit card payment. Continue reading below to now how each method operates.

Make PNC Credit Card Payment Online

You can pay off your PNC credit card bill online by signing in to your account on the PNC online banking platform. Once you’re logged in to your account, simply navigate to the payments tab and provide your payment details i.e checking account number,bank routing number, and the amount you wish to pay.

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You can also setup automatic bill pay. This allows you to focus on other things, while allowing PNC to sort itself.

Also, setting up automatic payment will make you not to miss any payment, thus increasing your credit worthiness and FICO score.

Pay PNC Credit Card Bill By Phone

Call the PNC secured credit card customer service on 800-558-8472 to pay off your credit card bill by phone.

Mail Your Payments

You can also pay off your PNC secured credit card bill by sending your payment along with your account details to the following address: PNC Bank Credit Card, P.O. Box 856177, Louisville, KY 40285.

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Nb: This method of payment is not ideal for those whose payment due date is near. This is because it usually takes between 3–5 business days for payments made using this method to reflect on your account.

Managing Your PNC Secured Credit Card Account Online

Do you know that you can perform virtually all the things you do at the bank, online? Yes, you can. What’s more, you can do it at your convenience at any place in time.

All you need is just an internet-enabled device (e.g. mobile phone or personal computer). Simply login to your PNC bank credit card account online via the PNC online banking portal using your username and password.

Once you’re signed in to your account, you can change your account preferences, view your statement, edit your personal information, view your account summary, schedule payments, set up automatic bill pay, enable SMS alerts and email notifications etc.

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