How To Manage Your VA child support With EPPICard VA

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The EPPICard VA allows you to access the money which you’ve been given for your child support. The Virginia EPPICard can be used just like a normal debit card.

Also, the card can be used to make a purchase at retail stores, withdraw cash at ATM, pay bills and utilities.

EPPICard VA is being issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia to eligible parents, commonwealth employees and others. It is a choice form of payment because the card is safe, secure and very convenient to use. Using the card allows you to skip waiting time for postage checks.

With the EPPICard at hand, beneficiaries now have quick access to their money which is electronically loaded to their EPPICard account.

You can manage your VA EPPICard either by calling the customer service at 1-800-961-8423 or by accessing your account online.

If you’re residing in the state of Pennsylvania, you can read on how to manage child support payments using with EPPICard PA.

EPPICard VA Benefits And Features

  1. Quick access to funds: Your card gets credited once payment has been received and processed. This feature allows you to have instant access to your cash rather than waiting for the cheque to arrive by the mail.
  2. Toll-free customer support: As a cardholder, you have unlimited use to the website all year round. Also, your line won’t be charged any fee when you call the toll-free customer support number at 1-800-961-8423.
  3. Cardholders have unlimited access to the website at which they can use to check their available balance and transaction history.
  4. Nationwide Acceptance: The EPPICard VA has the MasterCard logo on it which means you can withdraw money at any ATM bearing the MasterCard logo nationwide.
  5. Secured and easy to use: The Virginia EPPICard id FDIC insured which makes it very secured. Also, you can only draw cash from the card using your personal identification number (PIN).
  6. Cardholders receive cash back on any amount spent at participating stores nationwide.

Below is a table showing fees and transaction costs associated with the Virginia EPPICard.

Action PerformedAssociated Costs
Card Replacement$5.00 after one free per 3 year period
ATM withdrawal at MoneyPass$1.45 after five free
Expediated Card Alternative$15.00
Domestic Bank Transfer$1.50 charge fee each time
Other ATM Balance Inquiry$0.50 fee each time
ATM Denial$0.50 after two free
Other ATM Cash Withdrawals$1.45 fee each time
Bank Teller Window$2.50 fee after two free

How To Check Eppicard VA (Virginia) Balance

There are two ways that you can check to check your balance. The first method is by making an inquiry via the EPPICard Virginia customer service number while the other method is by logging into your account online.

Check Your Balance Online:

  • You can check your balance online by visiting
  • Next, choose “VA” from the drop-down menu and click on “Continue” to provided to proceed
  • On the next page, enter your “User ID” and “Password” to sign in to your account.

You’ll be able to view available balance as well as transaction history once you’ve signed in to your account.

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Check Account Balance Via Mobile Inquiry:

You can check your account balance via SMS at absolutely no cost to you. But you’ll need to first register first before you can be able to do so. To register, simply call the EPPICard Virginia customer service number on 1-800-961-8423. Follow the prompt instructions and select the “Account services” options to register.

Virginia EPPICard FAQs

How do I sign in to my account? You can sign in to your account by visiting

How do I check my balance on mobile phone? You can check your account balance by calling the VA EPPICard toll-free number on 1-800-961-8423.

Is my account secured? Yes, your card is very secured because it is FDIC insured and can only be used to draw cash with a unique personal identification number (PIN).

How do I report my missing/stolen card? Call the customer service number on 1-800-961-8423 to report your stolen/missing card.

How often do I have access to my funds? You’ll receive instant access to your funds once it has been processed and deposited into your account.

Do I receive benefits from using the card? You get to benefit from cashback on any amount spent when you use the card to make purchases at participating merchant outlets nationwide.

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Source EPPICard website
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