How To Find Cracker Barrel Locations | Cracker Barrel Near Me

Hey there! Have you been finding it difficult locating Cracker Barrel locations around you? Look no more because this post will show you the states where Cracker Barrel is present as well as their number of stores in each state.

Whether you’re heading out or you’ve just moved into a new city, there is always that moment where we all wished we carried our favorite restaurants along with us!

As in the case of Cracker Barrel customers, you can locate your favorite southern store from any location within the United States. Thankfully, this is made possible due to the 645 Cracker Barrel Old Country Store branches nationwide.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store has a presence in 44 states across the United States. As a customer of Cracker Barrel, there are several ways you can lookup Cracker Barrel Locations across the US. They include:

  • By clicking on the “Locations” link on the Cracker Barrel website
  • By using the Cracker Barrel Near Me feature on the mobile app

Below is a table showing Cracker Barrel Locations by state

StatesNo. of Cracker Barrel Locations
Alabama 32
Arkansas 12
Arizona 13
California 2
Colorado 4
Connecticut 5
Delaware 1
Florida 59
Georgia 47
Iowa 3
Idaho 3
Illinois 22
Indiana 29
Kansas 7
Kentucky 37
Louisiana 39
Massachusetts 6
Maryland 9
Maine 1
Michigan 18
Minnesota 1
Missouri 16
Mississippi 17
Montana 2
North Carolina 41
North Dakota 1
Nebraska 2
New Hampshire 2
New Jersey 6
New Mexico 4
Nevada 2
New York 11
Ohio 31
Oklahoma 8
Oregon 5
Pennsylvania 26
Rhode Island 1
South Carolina 26
South Dakota 1
Tennessee 53
Texas 59
Utah 4
Virginia 32
Wisconsin 5
West Virginia 9

Florida & Texas are both tied as the states with the highest Cracker Barrel locations.

How To Lookup Cracker Barrel Locations Online

Just as I’ve mentioned earlier, you can lookup cracker barrel locations online via their official website. However, you’ll need to turn on your GPS (i.e to use to the “Use my location” feature), enter the city, state or zip code of the area you wish to lookup. If you have the aforementioned information at hand, then we can proceed to the next step which is to find cracker barrel near me.

How To Find Cracker Barrel Near Me Right Now

  • First, head over to to get started
  • Next, navigate to the top-right corner of the page and click on the “Locations” link to proceed
  • On the next page, click on the “Use My Location” link and Cracker Barrel will automatically show you store branches that are close to your location.

Searching For Cracker Barrel Locations

While on the Cracker Barrel Locations page, enter your city, state or zip code in the box provided and choose your desired distance. Next, click on the “Search” button to see Cracker Barrel store locations close to the information you’ve provided.

JUST IN: In case you’re an employee of Cracker Barrel, you can access your employee benefits, view your schedule as well as other self-service action via Cracker Barrel Employee Login.

Using The Cracker Barrel Application

You can find Cracker Barrel stores around you using the Cracker Barrel mobile application. The Cracker Barrel app can be downloaded on Google Play and the App Store. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, head over to the “Find A Cracker Barrel Location” section and enter your City, State or Zip to view Cracker Barrel stores near you. You can also view the store’s details such as closing time, telephone, Wail list time, the distance between your location and the store, etc.

There are other actions you can perform on the Cracker Barrel app. They include:

  • Place & Customize Order
  • Join Online Wail List
  • Explore Cracker Barrel Menu & exciting offers
  • Sign Up/Log In to Your Account

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