How To Benefit From The Google Opinion Rewards Program

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Have you been hearing about the Google opinion rewards and you’ve been wondering how you could get involved? Wonder no more because you’ve come to the right place where all your questions will get answered.

To save you the introduction fluff. The Google opinion rewards program allows users to take product-based surveys in exchange for rewards. The rewards earned can be in the form of Google Play or PayPal credit. Don’t worry about not getting paid, as Google is a very trusted company. They’ve been around for over a decade now and have been frequently dubbed as the king of the internet.

The Google opinion rewards program help Google understand how you interact with products and services and, how they can best serve you. Be rest assured that the information you share with Google is in safe hands and will not be shared with any third-party site.

How To Get Started In The Google Opinion Rewards Program

Firstly, I’ll like to tell you that Google opinion program is ONLY available on mobile applications. Currently, the app is only available for Android and iOS users and it currently serves over 20 countries worldwide.

Upon downloading the Google opinion rewards app, you’ll need to first answer basic questions about yourself before you’ll receive personalized surveys once a week. Users can receive up to $1.00 worth of Play credits upon completing each survey.

What’s more? Majority of the surveys typically take less than 20 seconds to complete. To top it up, you’ll always receive a notification whenever a survey is waiting for you. These surveys cover a wide variety of topics ranging from product reviews to retail-based consumer satisfaction survey.

To sum it up, the Google opinion rewards app is free and can be downloaded on both Apple Appstore and Google Play store. Android users receive Google Play Credit as rewards which they can use to purchase paid apps on Google Play store while iOS receives their rewards as PayPal cash.

I’m going to be dropping a candid review about the Google opinion rewards app below. So do ensure you check it out. Also, I’ve also allowed you guys — our readers to also drop your ratings. By doing this, we’ll be able to tell if the app is worth your time or not based on your experiences! Hence, future readers can make more informed decisions concerning the app.

PS: I’ve personally tested the app and I found it useful especially when using the credits earned to but paid apps on Play store.

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Google Opinion Rewards FAQs

When will google opinion send surveys? Generally, Google opinion sends surveys on a weekly basis. Often times, users have been complaining about the frequency with which the surveys are being sent.

Is google opinion program worth it? Absolutely yes, if you have the spare time, why not put it to good use by earning some extra cash/rewards credit online huh?

Is google opinion rewards legit? Google opinion program is 100% legit.

Does google opinion app work in India? Absolutely yes, India is one of the eligible 22 countries where you can access the Google opinion program.

Does google opinion app work on iPhone? Yes, the app is available to both Android and iOS users.

Do google opinion rewards expire? Yes, your rewards credit does expire. According to Google, credits do expire one year from when the credit was applied to your account.

Can I transfer opinion rewards to PayPal? No, you cannot transfer your rewards to another account. However, you can redeem your rewards as cash via PayPal if you’re an iOS user.

Where is google opinion program available? Google opinion is currently available at 22 countries of the world including US, UK, and India.

What are some Google opinion rewards tips and tricks? I’ll not advice you to use unethical means to get points/surveys on Google opinion. However, you can improve your chances of getting surveys frequently by answering your surveys honestly.

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