How To Activate PNC Debit Card


Upon receiving your PNC debit card in the mail you’re required to activate it before it can become active for use. Don’t worry, PNC Bank has made the card activation process very seamless for customers by making available several channels to which you can activate your card.

The easiest and most straightforward mode of activating your PNC debit card is by calling the number on the sticker that came with your debit card. In case you’ve misplaced the number or for one reason or the other you can’t seem to locate the sticker, call PNC Debit Card activation phone number at 1 (888) 762-2265 to begin the activation process.

Kindly note that you’ll need to verify your identify to assure PNC bank that its actually you that is performing the action. To do this, you’ll be asked to disclose the card number, expiry date, and social security number to verify your identity.

Other methods to activate your PNC debit card include: online and at any PNC Bank ATM location.

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How To Activate PNC Debit Card Online

  • Go to the PNC Bank online banking portal on your browser
  • Sign in to your PNC Bank account using your username and password
  • Once you’re logged in, navigate to the “Manage your cards” section and click on the “Activate Card” to proceed to the next step
  • Next, enter the card number and expiry date into the boxes displayed
  • Finally, tap the “Activate” to complete the process

How to Activate Your PNC Debit Card at the ATM

  1. Visit any PNC Bank ATM closest to you
  2. Slide in your card and enter your card PIN to activate it

You can ONLY use this method if you’ve been mailed a PIN for your card. If you haven’t, then you’ll have to wait until your PIN is mailed to you before you can activate it over the ATM.

If you can’t remember your Personal Identification Number (PIN), simply call the number at the back of your card or you visit any PNC Bank branch nearest to you to request a new PIN. The PIN is normally mailed to your registered address via USPS.

Your card becomes ready for use once it has been activated.

Your PNC Bank Visa Debit Card can be used anywhere card is accepted such as grocery stores, gas stations, hotels, restaurants, online, etc.

Should you misplace your card or it got stolen, call 1-855-762-2365 to report the situation and to order a replacement card.

Click on this tool to locate a PNC Branch or ATM nearest to your location.

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