How to Activate & Add Money to Your PaychekPlus Card


Hello guys! Welcome to my page, where I’m going to be sharing with you how to activate and add funds to your PaychekPLUS! Elite® Visa® Card. Before I do so, I’ll like to tell you about the PaychekPLUS card.

The PaychekPLUS card is a regular prepaid card which makes getting access to your funds and paying off your bills a lot easier. It does not require any credit check, no minimum balance, and no fees to withdraw cash, enroll for alerts, and set up direct deposit to your card. Simply put, the card makes your financial life a whole lot easier.

The PaychekPLUS prepaid card is issued by Comerica Bank, and they’ve provided an online account management platform where cardholders can log in to manage their card and perform other actions such as:

  • Enabling alerts and SMS notifications
  • Updating of personal records
  • Activating your card
  • Checking your balance and transaction history
  • Setting up direct deposit to your card

Loading Money Unto Your PaychekPLUS Card

There is certain information that you must be acquainted with before you add funds to your card to afford heartbreaks. They include:

  • The minimum and maximum amount you can load unto your card at any given time are $10 and $7,500 respectively.
  • You can load your card up to 20x times a day.
  • You can ONLY load your account by direct deposit. Loading via checks and money orders is not allowed.

How Do I Activate My Paychekplus Card?

You can activate your card when you log in to your account here. Alternatively, you can call the number attached to the sticker on your card to activate your card. If you’ve lost the number, here is it: 1-866-404-0330

Setting Up a Direct Deposit On Your Account

Kindly be advised that all information regarding how to set up a direct deposit to your card is available online at However, you’ll need the following details when setting up a direct deposit:

  • The deposit account number and bank routing number.

Using Your Card

Now that your card has been activated and all ready to be used, there are some certain things you must keep in mind before using the card. They are:

  • Firstly, the maximum amount you card can have at any given time is $15,000
  • Secondly, you’re limited to a $5,000 daily spending limit.
  • Thirdly, there is a huge possibility that the merchants will pre-authorize a certain amount of money up to 20% on your card when you’re about to make payment at the restaurants, hotels, grocery, gas stations, etc until the final payment amount has been verified.

Now that you know this, I guess we’re cool. You can use your card anywhere you see the Visa and MasterCard logo displayed.

How Do I Report a Lost/Stolen card?

Call the customer service at 1-877-601-7880 to report your stolen card and to request a replacement card. You’ll be charged a non-refundable onetime fee of $10 to when requesting a replacement card. Also, you’ll be required to provide your legal full name, card number, and details regarding your transaction history before your request can be processed.

PS: The customer service number for the PaychekPLUS! Select® MasterCard® Prepaid Card is 1-877-889-0050.

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How Do I Check My Account Balance?

You can check your account balance by signing in to your account online. Alternatively, you can call the customer service department at 1-877-601-7880 to request your account statement/balance.

NB: The customer service number for the PaychekPLUS! Select® MasterCard® Prepaid Card is 1-877-889-0050.

If you prefer the old-fashioned way of writing mail, you can make your request known by mail by writing to:

Cardholder Services,
P.O. Box 551617,
Jacksonville, FL 32255.

Fees to Expect When Using the PaychekPlus Prepaid Card

  • Cash Advance: FREE
  • NSF for 1155-Cash Advance: $0.75 per transaction
  • Funds Transfer: FREE
  • ACH Withdrawal: FREE
  • Bill Pay Transaction: $0.99 per transaction
  • Bill Pay Reversal: $0.49 per transaction
  • POS Money Order: FREE
  • SMS Charge: FREE
  • Customer Service Charge: FREE
  • Card Replacement Fee: $10.00
  • Expedited Card Replacement Fee: $35
  • Account Maintenance Fee (Inactive Account): $5
  • Card Replacement (Client Issued): $10.00 per request3
  • Card Replacement (Employer Issued): $5.00 per request
  • ATM Withdrawal: Ranging from $0.75-$1 depending on the type of ATM used.

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