3 Ways to Make Your State Farm Credit Card Payment

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State Farm Bank® has provided a lot of options for holders of the State credit card on the ways they can make pay of their credit card bill. Each payment method have been made for convenience so that cardholders can pay off their bills without facing any hurdles.

Currently, State Farm Bank® has made available three methods of payment that cardholders can choose from. They include:

  • Online
  • By Phone
  • By Mail

Payment can be made on your card via each method, however you’ll need to pay at least the minimum balance for payment to be made.

For the online method, you have the option to enable the AutoPay feature which enables you to make automatic payments to your credit card.

How to Make Your State Farm Credit Card Payment Online

Follow this link to sign in to your State Farm credit card account using your User ID and password. If you don’t have an online account, you can click on the “Create Your Account” link to create one. Follow the onscreen instructions carefully to register your card.

  • Upon creating an account, log in to your account dashboard and head over to the “Payments” tab to proceed.
  • Next, click the “Add a Payment Account” link on the upper right section of the screen and add your account information in the fields provided.
  • Check the box to accept the ACH disclosure information.
  • Once your payment account has been added, enter the required amount you wish to pay and tap on the “Pay” button to make your payment.

Like I said earlier, you can ease your workload by enabling the AutoPay feature. Continue reading this article to learn how to enroll in the AutoPay program.

  • First, follow this link to sign in to your account.
  • On your account dashboard, navigate to the “Payments” tab and click on the “Automatic Payments” link to proceed.
  • Finally, complete setting up the AutoPay feature by entering the details of the account you’ll be drawing the payment from as well as choosing either to pay your minimum payment or statement balance monthly.

How to Make State Farm Credit Card Payment By Phone

You can also pay your bill by phone either by opting to use the automated voice system or by speaking with a customer service representative on 877-SF4-VISA (877-734-8472). However, if you have difficulty in hearing or you’re having hearing impairment, you can call 711 instead.

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How to Pay Your State Farm Credit Card Bill By Mail

Send your check/money order along with your account statement to the following address:

State Farm Bank
P.O. Box 23025
Columbus, GA 31902-3025

Want to make overnight payment? If yes, mail your payments to the corresponding overnight payment address below:

State Farm Bank
1030 5th Avenue
Columbus, GA 31901.

Some benefits of the State Farm Rewards Visa credit card includes:

  • No annual fee.
  • Competitive APR.
  • 0% introductory rate for 12 months on purchases and balance transfers.
  • Earn State Farm Loyalty Rewards Program on every purchase made with the card.
  • Works seamlessly with Apple Pay.

How to Avoid Paying Penalty Fee

Always endeavor to pay at least your minimum due balance before the end of the billing cycle to avoid paying interest and late penalty fee. If you know that you’re the busy type who is always preoccupied with other stuffs, you might wanna consider the AutoPay option for making automatic payments to your credit card account. By doing so, you do not only avoid paying late fees, but you’re also in a way building your credit score which will open room for a credit increase.

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